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    In the Koralian sea lies an island that exists on no map. Free from the mark of man, a wild landscape desolate and forbidding has evolved over millennia. Kindness, compassion, peace and mercy do not exist on this island. Eight displaced tribes have washed ashore and must contend with an island that seeks to remain undisturbed and uninhabited by man. Ragged foliage, unique canyons, barren wastelands, scorching deserts and cursed forests make this a hard and cruel place to survive.

Welcome to the island of Agonia!

Tribes must work together in order to survive. As one of the first settlers you must choose your path. Perhaps you will choose the way of the warrior and protect your tribe from enemies. Will you opt for a crafter and assist the growth of your tribe? You could be a trader, a trailblazer, a mercenary or an outlaw. What will be your destiny? Only you can decide how to survive in the place where all men die.

What makes Agonia different to other games?

  • - 100% free to play / 100% free to win / 100% ad-free
  • - Community based Strong and friendly community of players.
  • - Unique universe. A whole new and original universe to explore.
  • - No beaten track. The path you take, stats you build, friendships or rivalries you cultivate are entirely in your hands.
  • - Newly opened. No elite players to catch-up to, everyone is new


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